Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Bride's Worst Nightmare

I don't think there is a woman on the planet that prepares for the disaster scenerio,
but unfortunately in some cases there will be one. Nothing ever goes 100% as planned.
We must wait for aunt Betty Lou who is coming from North Carolina and missed her
flight or 3 year old Danny, your soon to be husband's son is throwing a temper tantrum,
you, the Bride, forgot your veil and it is all the way back home, 2 hours away. These
are considered minor compared to this Bride's Wedding Day disaster: Rev. Denise Kay

Bride drenched in ‘oily black ooze’ from hotel sprinklers on wedding day

 We can safely say here a A Garden of Wedding Dreams,

This won't happen, we have no indoor sprinkler systems (but plenty of smoke & fire extinquishers) and we have successfully solved the solutions mentioned above. 

the rest of the story:

A hotel in Georgia literally rained on a bride's parade, covering her wedding party in an "oily black ooze" just moments before the ceremony was scheduled to begin.  Yahoo story


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